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"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

The Declaration of Independence


AAI's Publications

Since 2011, the Advance Arkansas Institute has published roughly 60 books, papers, and reports on public policy. Our most recent publications are at the top of the list immediately below.


The Sky Is Not Falling: A Guide to Arkansas Budget Politics

by Marc Kilmer


Politically Toxic: Why The Stephen Report Provides No Antidote for the Private Option

by Marc Kilmer


Arkansas Issues: 2016 / Appellate Judicial Candidates on the Issues

by Dan Greenberg


Arkansas Issues: 2016 / Legislative Primary Candidates on the Issues

by Dan Greenberg


Arkansas's 2015 Freedom Scorecard

by Dan Greenberg and Alexander Cartwright


How Freedom of Choice Improves Public Health in Arkansas: The Special Case of Tobacco Policy

By Marc Kilmer


How Federal Grants Increase Arkansas Taxes

By Marc Kilmer


The Folly of Film Subsidies in Arkansas

By Marc Kilmer


How the U.S. Supreme Court Empowered Political Accountability and Economic Growth in Arkansas

By Dan Greenberg


A State Obamacare Exchange: Arkansas's Worst Option

By Dan Greenberg and Marc Kilmer


The Consequences of King v. Burwell: How A Federal Exchange Could Block An Obamacare Tax Increase

By Dan Greenberg and Marc Kilmer


HB 1158’s Promise: More Arkansas Jobs, Lower Arkansas Prices

By Dan Greenberg


Empowering Consumers: How a Small Change to Wine Regulations Will Create a Favorable Economic Impact for Arkansans

By Greg Kaza and Dan Greenberg


A Practical Plan to Lower Arkansas’s Income Tax Rates

By Dan Greenberg and Robert Steinbuch


How the Tax Reform of 1986 Supercharged the American Economy

The Mechanics of the Tax Reform Triumph of 1986

How Tax Breaks Harm the People of Arkansas

By Marc Kilmer


Action Plan for Arkansas 2015

By Dan Greenberg


AAI’s iPhone App

By Dan Greenberg


A Report on the Commerce In Action Questionnaire

An Appendix of Candidates' Comments

By Dan Greenberg


The Cure Is Worse Than the Disease: Why the Private Option Will Hurt, Not Help, Arkansas’s Hospitals 

By Dan Greenberg and Shane Stacks


The Question That Private Option Advocates Cannot Answer

By Dan Greenberg


The Hidden Costs of Private-Option Medicaid Expansion in Arkansas

By Joe Luppino-Esposito


A Few of the Material Changes that Justify Ending the Private Option

By Dan Greenberg


Arkansas’s 2013 Freedom Scorecard: How Our State Legislators Voted on Questions of Liberty and Good Government

By Dan Greenberg and Alexander Cartwright


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Obamacare Exchanges (But Were Afraid to Ask)

By Josh Archambault, Joyce Errecart, and Jonathan Small


Five Arguments Against the Creation of a State Health Insurance Exchange

By Dan Greenberg


Can Arkansas Escape From Medicaid Expansion if the Federal Government Breaks Its Commitments? 

By Robert Alt and Dan Greenberg


How Medicaid Expansion (and the "Private Option") Will Lock Its Clients Into Poverty

By Dan Greenberg


"Private Option" Polling and Related Data

By Magellan Strategies


How SB 821 Endangers the First Amendment

By Paul Jacob


Why Arkansas's Anti-Scalping Laws Should Be Repealed

By Alex Cartwright


Removing Partisanship from Prosecutors Is In the Public Interest

By Pat Page


Arguments Against Voter ID: An Autopsy

By Dan Greenberg


Why A Federal Exchange Is the Best of the Bad Options that Obamacare Gives to Arkansas

By Dan Greenberg


Action Plan for Arkansas 2013

Editors: Dan Greenberg and Alexander Cartwright


Are Arkansas Taxpayers Getting Value for Money?

By Professors Noel Campbell and David Mitchell

Executive Summary I: Times Are Tough in Little Rock

Executive Summary II: How Government Spending in Arkansas Slows Our State's Job Creation and Economic Growth

Executive Summary III: We're Not Keeping Up With the Joneses


Arkansas's Freedom Scorecard

By Dan Greenberg and Alexander Cartwright


What State Legislators Need to Know About the Prospect of a "Runaway Constitutional Convention."

By Dan Greenberg


Want to Address the Arkansas Medicaid Crisis? Look to Florida

By Christie Herrera


Putting the Brakes on Spending

By Dan Greenberg


Dustin McDaniel Makes the Right Choice on Settlement Funds

By Dan Greenberg


Arkansas Should Look Before It Leaps into a State Health Insurance Exchange

By Dan Greenberg


Lawmakers Who Want to Surrender Even More Control over Health Care Policy Should Love HB 2138

By Dan Greenberg

Don't Be Fooled by "Tax Reform" That Raises Taxes on Energy and Raises Prices at the Gas Pump

By Dan Greenberg


Why Is Dustin McDaniel Superseding the Legislature and Breaking the Law?

By Dan Greenberg


Will SB 214 Make Everyone In Arkansas A Cyberbully?

By Dan Greenberg


HB 1893: Opening Doors To Better Teachers And Better Education In Arkansas

By Stuart Buck


Requiring Voter ID: Bad For Voter Fraud, Good For Voter Turnout

By Dan Greenberg


Does The Public Have A Right To Know About The Costs Of Health Care Reform?

By Christie Herrera


Why Should We Hide Programs For The Developmentally Disabled From Public View?

By Eric Francis


What Questions Should You Ask About The New Health Care Reforms Of The Beebe Administration?

By Twila Brase


The Taxpayer Protection Amendment: Good For Taxpayers, Good For Tax Policy

By Dan Greenberg


The Most Important Thing The Arkansas General Assembly Can Do In 2011: Nothing

By Dan Greenberg


How To Unshackle Charter Schools

By Brian Kisida and Michael Q. McShane


Why Citizens Have A Right To Know About The Criminal Records Of Public Officials

By Dan Greenberg


How Putting Arkansas’ Budget Online Saves Taxpayers Money

By Mattie Corrao


Time For A Top-Tier Law School In Arkansas

By Richard J. Peltz

Executive Summary: Time For A Top-Tier Law School In Arkansas


Should We Be Permitted To Talk When Driving?

By Dan Greenberg


How To Cut Taxes In Arkansas: Basic Principles Of Tax Policy

By Dan Greenberg