AAI Releases First-Ever Judicial Questionnaire
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Dan Greenberg

judicialquestionnaire-01The Advance Arkansas Institute (AAI) released the responses to its first-ever appellate judicial candidate questionnaire today.

AAI sent a questionnaire in November 2015 to the nine judicial candidates on the 2016 ballot who are pursuing a seat on either the state Court of Appeals or the state Supreme Court. Of those nine, six chose not to respond. The three candidates who did respond are James McMenis, Judge Mike Murphy, and Judge Shawn Womack.

Their answers to this questionnaire will give voters some insight into the judicial and legal philosophies of the candidates, so that those voters might be better informed when they go to the polls.

(We should add that candidates were sent these surveys via signature-required registered mail; when we didn’t hear from some candidates, we followed up with phone calls to all the stragglers. If you spot a candidate who didn’t answer the survey, it isn’t for AAI’s lack of trying.)

One candidate, Job Serebrov, explained to us that the state’s ethics rules prohibited him from answering our questions. Serebrov is incorrect -- as Dan Greenberg, AAI’s President, explained in a recent blog post.

You can read the questions in and answers ito AAI’s judicial questionnaire here.

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