AAI Releases 2016 Legislative Candidate Survey
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Dan Greenberg

AAICandidateSurvey-01With early voting in the 2016 primary election a little over six weeks away, the Advance Arkansas Institute (AAI) released its 2016 candidate survey today.

AAI sent a questionnaire to every state  legislative primary candidate on the 2016 ballot. Some chose not to respond. If a candidate didn’t respond, his answers are marked with question marks.

The survey focuses on specifics, not vague talking points: most of the questions pertain to whether candidates support or oppose particular bills. With this survey, voters headed to the polls will have a better idea of where candidates stand on the issues. Of course, we didn’t put candidates under oath before filling out the survey. Ultimately, voters should return to this survey over the next couple of years to see if candidates back up their stated positions with actual votes once elected.

(We should add that candidates were sent these surveys via signature-required registered mail; when we didn’t hear from some candidates, we followed up with phone calls to all the stragglers. If you spot a candidate who didn’t answer the survey, it isn’t for AAI’s lack of trying.)

You can read the AAI survey here.

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