Arkansas’s 2015 Freedom Scorecard
Friday, February 12, 2016
Dan Greenberg

Leg-Scorecard-icon-209x300The Advance Arkansas Institute (AAI) is pleased to present this study of the 2015 voting records of legislators serving in the Arkansas General Assembly. Arkansas’ 2015 Freedom Scorecard discloses and rates legislative votes on roughly 100 notable bills of the 90th General Assembly. 

Although it is not the role of AAI to endorse (or condemn) the performance of any legislator in particular, we believe that the data highlights how some legislators'  votes advanced the prosperity and freedom of Arkansas' citizens, while the votes of other legislators detracted from those efforts.

The study ranks legislator voting records by totaling up the subscores they earned to derive a final score. That final score is a rough measure of each legislator’s commitment to liberty and good government. The final scores are dependent upon a variety of subscores -- we measured, through their votes on various bills, legislators’ fidelity to values outlined in the Scorecard. Each legislator has been assigned two ‘global ratings’ – Freedom Rating and Vision Rating – and 14 sub-scores which are represented as percentages.

In a previous post, we announced AAI's 2015 Friends of Freedom– those legislators who scored the highest within the rankings – and recognized them publicly. In the Scorecard you can read more in depth how each award recipient scored and why.

You may also download the new AAI app for iOS which includes the new scorecard and has been updated with 2015-2016 legislative information.

AAI is a non-profit organization that believes in open government and liberty. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to help support their work, you may do so at our website.


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